The H-Train Show-Motorcycle Relief Project

Written by on June 8, 2020


Today’s show
We interviewed- We were supposed to have Tom Larson, the Director of the Motorcycle Relief Project, but Rob doesn”t know how to tell time, So we talked to Rob about his Volunteer time with the Motorcycle Relief Project.

What The?- Can you imagine having a pizza or twelve delivered to your house everyday for ten years. This was one man”s nightmare and now he cries every time the Pizza delivery guy shows up.

The Ugley truth- The Wall Street Journal published a story today about how homeschooling during quarintine is not going as well as educators and parents had hoped. We talked to Roy who is having to teach his 3 kids and he says it’s rough.

Our Tribute to the Troops- We remember Marine Corps Corporal Tristin Michael Towns. On behalf of a greatful nation, thank you for your sacrifice, you will not be forgotten.

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