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Last Show for the Year. I’m taking a break till after Feb will be playing reruns.

Today on the evening show Rosa Mariposa Martinez joins us in the studio. We talk about her upcoming event this Friday. Our top news story of the day that we talked about was Michael Ore’s The Adoption Lie. It seems like he’s going through the same thing that Britney Spears is through. Also, we spoke […]

We talk about today’s headlines on the evening show today, August 7th,2023. Our interview of the week was with Randy from operation rally point. Yes, I am the Veteran Podcast. Brandi Pett joined us to discuss vocational readiness, employment, and the last-minute Pack Act information. And as always, we do salute the troops and Roddy […]

On the evening show for July 31st, 2023, we talk about recent celebrity deaths, a pee-wee Herman, and euphoria star Angus Cloud. Our interview of the week is Stephanie from VA Claims, and we had Bedlam Betty. We talk about the space command moving to Alabama and Craig Morgan re-enlisting in the military for recruitment.

  Kk, OK, go ahead on the evening show today, July 24th, 2023. We had guest host Roddy Joe H train in Magic Mike. Today’s guest is Mark Patterson from We the people radio. Oh Bedlam Betty, to discuss VA benefits. We showcase today’s project, die hard 22. Yeah yeah, I was going to say, […]

On the Evening Show today (July 17, 23), we had a special gas interview with Stephanie from Vets Helping Vets and Drea from Vets for Success. We are also covering trending veteran stories, the 82 Airborne on AGoT, and Roddy’s Rant.

today we talked about Putin’s mutiny, Roddy‘s rant, Chicago, mom, and 14-year-old son killed a man outside a hotdog station in Chicago, and Our interview of the week with FLAG (foreign links around the globe) and bedlam Betty.     T2T Lobo  His services will be held at Church of Jesus Christ On July […]

  on today’s show, we talked about all the crazy things that are happening around the world, including the Grand Canyon waterfall coming out of the walls, which is a dry element. We also talk about what Juneteenth means, and how it makes Roddy feel during Roddy‘s rant. We also touch base on the LGBTQ […]

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