Interview of the week- We had an excellent conversation with Mike P Ryan about his musical career after his Army time, Check out the warrior music foundation. They are doing great things. What the?- Aliens….. Aliens are among us. But they are not among Roddy, cause he doesn’t believe.

  Today’s show We interviewed- We interviewed our very own producer Amanda Opdyke from the Bureau of Land Management and she taught us about all the super cool parks passes that veterans can get just in time for the 4th of July What The?-We found the worst picture on the internet. a foot with teeth. […]

  Today’s show We interviewed- We were supposed to have Tom Larson, the Director of the Motorcycle Relief Project, but Rob doesn”t know how to tell time, So we talked to Rob about his Volunteer time with the Motorcycle Relief Project. What The?- Can you imagine having a pizza or twelve delivered to your house […]

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