The Revel Experience


Life can be fascinating, refreshing, and perplexing, all at the same time. Vicente’s life is rife with examples of this very thing! He was born in Boulder, CO, which makes him a native. However, he has lived in many different states with lots of colorful and harsh reality stories that have shaped him into the man he is today. He served six years in the US Navy. He has been married to Tammy, his beautiful wife, for 35 glorious years! They have two grown boys and three beautiful grandkids! Both retired now, they are living their dream life! God is awesome! He now dedicates his life to God and country, spending numerous hours volunteering and serving others. He has many interests and pursuits such as music, extreme sports, vintage cars, motorcycles, and business ventures, to name a few! He is honored and humbled to be a part of MBR and “The Revel Experience!” “Get Experienced!”

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