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Jack & Joel test run Chat GPT

Deployed between 1968 and 1970, Paul W. Kunz wrote heartfelt, emotional letters home to his family. In this piece, we relive that journey through the eyes of a teacher amid war and see his ups, downs, triumphs, and hopes. Published posthumously by his surviving spouse, the work is entirely Paul Kuntz’s, piecing together one of […]

Tony Rosario Joins Us to Talk about his experiences helping Vets with Soldiers Songs, and Voices

H.g.TV Sports in the CAVE All-star weekend recapped Caitlin Clark’s historic colligate career and what’s next for her Team Builder all-time team and CU buff’s big-time comeback A week without football 🙁 and UFL preview Best and worst of team salary cap’s Looking out for the little guy

  CreatiVets’ goal is to offer opportunities for relief and healing for the men and women who have sacrificed so much for our country.  Our purpose is to use various forms of art, including songwriting, visual arts, music, and creative writing, to help disabled veterans cope with service-related trauma (i.e., post-traumatic stress, or PTS) by fostering self-expression […]

H.g. and Caveman give their Super Bowl recap Early post season predictions Team Building Exercise NBA Trade deadline Top Plays of the Week And Much MORE!

My name is Jennifer Souza, but you can call me Jen. I am the creator of the original military uniform ornament ball. My soldier and I’s first duty station was at Fort Drum, NY. “Climb to Glory!” While at Ft. Drum, I worked at the base alterations shop, where I was inspired to re-purpose old […]

Jenn Stoller from LTD Tactical and Adam Bird from Heroes Media Group join us to talk about their companies recent ventures and what they do to help veterans all over.

H.g and Caveman discuss the good old days of the Pro Bowl Head coaching new hire grades 49er’s shoddy practice field and World Cup at Netlife Stadium All-star weekend snub’s Who wins the east who wins the west Branchin’ out and ringside chats and more!

Southern CC Inc. aims to empower veterans by building self-sufficient communities that promote resilience, support, and sustainable self-reliance. We are committed to providing a comprehensive and holistic approach to our veterans, ensuring their well-being, and thriving emotionally, socially, and economically. At the core of our mission is the belief that all veterans deserve a path […]

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