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We provide our military veterans with programs from nonprofit organizations who are willing to give assistance to the veteran’s specific needs that The United States Department of Veterans Affairs do not give enough of or provide.We also want to provide military veterans, active troops, and anyone who is interested with today’s hit music of different genres, latest world news and entertainment news, along with helpful tips of everyday life of a civilian or active military personnel wherever around the world they might be located.

Providing the best in radio entertainment and programming for the military community.

Military Broadcast Radio: Providing entertainment, information, and support to the military community. The station has been around for 14 years. Jim Butler was the owner and he retired in 2018 and gave Joel Hunt the responsibility and the privilege to continue the MBR legacy.

It is our ultimate goal to be one of the first nonprofit internet radio stations that help disabled veterans that have a hard time dealing with today’s society because of injuries that they sustained during deployments. We feel that dj-ing is a way of rehabilitation and it empowers our veterans to be heard. Their thoughts, their opinions, and of course to continue to serve the community.

This is the first year we have just started being a nonprofit. Please help us make all veteran’s dreams come true, to get better, and give them a purpose once again. It is our great belief with the right motivation and attitude we can stop the 22 suicides a day with a simple microphone.

MBR RADIO (Federal Tax ID 82-5116017) is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt charity.


Help us to be able to keep our focus on our purpose; providing information and entertainment for our military, veterans and their families.

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Brandon Stokley

I am Brandon Stokley, former NFL wide receiver of the Denver Broncos. I support the ultimate vision of putting our military veterans to work from home as a DJ. Music is very therapeutic and can be healing. Having one DJ will give them a purpose for others and themselves. I am proud to be a spokesperson to a station, such as MBR, that is “Giving Veterans a Voice”!

Brandon Stokley