The H-Train Show- Kenny Poovey from Fly Above Fire & Calll in from Joe Exotic

Written by on April 6, 2020

Today on The H-Train Show, we Skyped in Rob from a Top Secret Location.

Nonprofit/ interview of the week-we talked to a great heavy metal band, Fly Above Fire. A great band , with a great sound. They have an amazing uplifting message.


What the ? Somehow through a mixup and wrong numbers, we found out that Joe Exotic is a fan of the H Train show, and we talked to him live from the county pen.

Facebook Live Discussion – Why is the Marvel Universe messing with Robs emotions and changing the dates of release of Black Widow. Since the theaters are not open, they are releasing movies so you can watch them at home.

T2T- 2nd Lt Ruth M Gardiner

2 min warning brought to you by Common Ground Golf Course. Listen to find out what we learned

As always,
Next week is Army Vet Turns politician find out about his journey, the honorable Patrick Melvin from Colorado . We learn about his journey his transition from serving in the military to serving in an elected position.

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