The H-Train Show- CMS Director Joe Leonhardt.-Phone Rail Prank

Written by on March 30, 2020

Today on The H-Train Show, we Skyped in Rob from a Top Secret Location. We talked a little avout whats going on with the virus and gave our Views. Rob did the Huge inclide he can hardly walk today. We also fought the whole show with FB as a streaming platform we definelty struggled the whole show mainly with Facebook.

Nonprofit/ interview of the week- The interview of the week is a great one with Joe LeonHardt he is the Campus Director of Colorado Media School

What the ? This week on “What the F***?” we talk Little old ladie being pushed down on the ground cause she wasn’t practicing Social Distance when is enough enough?

Facebook Live Discussion We start with a discussion on how crazy and hard it is not being social cause its depressing and we share what we have done this past week cause of it.

T2T- Honors this week we celebrate the life of Captain Moses a Navas and a shout out to one of my friends Jon Lujan he lost his father this week Ed Lujan our thoughts and prayers with your whole family.

2 min warning brought to you by Common Ground Golf Course. Listen to find out what we learned

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