The H-Train Show- Brandon Stokely Joins us- Expert Murder Hornets Milka Ankon educates us

Written by on May 11, 2020

Today’s show
We interviewed- One of our biggest supporters , former Denver Bronco Brandon Stokley. He gave us a glimpse into how he and his family and his radio program are holding up during the Covid 19 pandemic

What The?- We had our favorite hillbilly call in and tell us all about how to deal with the ” alleged” Murder hornets.

The Ugley truth- We talked at length about what’s going on in Colorado with C&C coffee being shut down, we will update our social media and share their go fund me account. Let’s help keep these small business up and running.

Our Tribute to the Troops- Army Specialist Hilda Clayton, She was killed while taking photographs during a training mission in Afghanastan

Listen next week and we will try to talk to Wes from the Coffee Cabin ( thanks for the donation of a pound of coffee that our listener Matt Song won)



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