The H-Train Show- Henry S.- Buggles Across America-Back in Studio Debut

Written by on May 18, 2020

Today’s show
We interviewed-  we spent some time talking to 15 year old Henry Stoffer. He is a bugler with Bugles Across America. Buglers are despratley needed to support the funerals of service members. He talked to us about how to volunteer and what it takes.

What The? People are collecting ‘ Disney Keys” . they don’t do anything, they are just a collectable. they don’t unlock the Deathstar or Cinderellas castle.

The Ugley Truth- We had an almost political conversation ( we are a non profit, so no politics) about how the social media platforms are censoring protests that they dont agree with. Rob is not a fan, H is kind of indiffrent

Our Tribute to the Troops- please remember Army SSG Ronald Shurer, he lost his battle to lung cancer this past week.

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