The H-Train Show-Veterans Overcoming Obstacles

Written by on October 19, 2020

Interview of the Week- We talked to one of our favorites , Coach Chris Carter from Devil Dog Strength and conditioning  and his non profit Veterans Overcoming Obstacles. Working with Veterans who want to improve their PTSD , anxiety and Depression through Physical fitness, go check em out.

What the- The current ballots ar so hard to decipher, you need a lawyer in your back pocket to figure out what they mean. If your not spun up, your lost.

The Ugly Truth- What the heck is the diffrence between jail, the pokey and prison. Our Caller Nic and our intern Holliewood break it down for you, we will never look at shrimp ramen the same way again.

Tribute to the Troops- We learned the Story of MSG Gary Shugart of Task Force Delta // Ranger who gave his life on 3 Oct 1993 and earned a MOH

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