The H Train Show – Andrew Canalas with Houses For Warriors

Written by on November 2, 2020


Interview of the Week- We had an excellent conversation with Andrew Canales with Houses for Warriors about his event coming up on Sunday at Bristlecone Shooting. The dude is tryig to buy a scool, how cool is that!!!!


WT? Rob took his rifle for a romanticstroll through the wilderness with his old crewchief. They got to catch up about the years passed while they did not get to shoot any elk. So Sad!


The Ugly Truth- We actually talked about politics…. H HATES POLITICS! Hes worried that there is going to be riots , Rob says nothings going to happen. What do you think.


our T2T- We  remember LT Ross with the United States Navy and Ensign Garrett with the USCG after their plane crashed during a training exercise. They will never be forgotten.

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