The H-Train Show-Troy ” The Night Pigeon” Everett, Waiting for the VA, Dont pet the big kitty

Written by on November 16, 2020

Interview of the Week- We had an excellent conversation with Troy ” The Night Pigeon Everett about his upcoming Jiu Jitsu seminar at Two Wolves Jiu Jitsu in Colorado Springs. only 35$ for veterans, get there!

WT?- Who the heck goes to a big cat rescue and trys to pet a lepord, Who the heck goes hunting in Wyoming and gets their nose riped off by a bear. Why the heck do folks not resect these big fuzzy animals? ( no, not our interns!

The Ugly Truth- We get an excellent letter from a veteran about there heartaches and the wait for the local VA, We like getting these letters and will help however we can.

T2T- Our hearts go out to SGT Wolf and her family. Thank you for your Sacrifice for our nation.

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