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Written by on August 14, 2017

Today H-Train starts out the show broadcasting from The Rail head Station
Studios. We open the show up by talking about some announcements. We talk to Monica O. Founder of Operation Troop Appreciation since weve had them on last time they have more programs now in hope to be more than just regional but with any great foundation it takes many bricks so they keep adding them listen to what they do and the updates on there great works. Listen to that interview HERE!

Todays music is the #MondayBlues lol

Sponsored by Trapp Design-Tribute to Troops Danny Ray from The Danny Ray Show reads LTC Verlin Abbot

Warrior Transition success sponsored by Bel-Air cases (like Pelican, but
Better quality)Heidi Tufto

2 min warning brought to you by Common Ground
golf course:  I learned that the only way were going to fix the hate that occurred this past weekend is that we start with our selves. These issues people demand to demostrate are using the Flag to genrate attention to get across there agenda and we ourselfs are giving it to them. Once we turn our heads and not pay attention like a baby in a toy store these actions will desolve. This hate has been around for a long time and has nothing to do with the Presidents and every day so far the last 5 years we as Americans are allowing others to destroy what Martin Luther King fought for so hard for ALL MEN CREATED EQUAL!!

we start our new Live time slot this  Friday Aug 18, Cause its NFL time again, as we talk to Award winning Stunts man and actor Buddy Sosthand.

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