The H-Train Show- Christy Gardner- Mr.Know It All Show

Written by on April 20, 2020

Nonprofit/ interview of the week- Christy  Gardner. She talks about her new book about her dog. We love dogs, and we love books. What a great interview.

What the ?- We got a call asking for some advice.  Our caller had found a box of protective masks under his bathroom sink. After a few investigative questions, it absolutely was not a face mask.


Facebook Live Discussion – we cant understand why everyone is wishing us a happy 4-20. We have checked everywhere and we can’t find holidays or national events that occurred today. Thanks for all the messages though.


T2T- Captain Douglas Lin Hickok-  from the  NJ National Guard. While getting ready to deploy with his unit to fight the Corona virus he was afflicted with the virus. The first American service member to give his life in the fight against the Corona virus.

2 min warning brought to you by Common Ground Golf Course. Listen to find out what we learned Rob learned that he really wants to party with Greg, H learned that we DESPERATELY need a call screener!!! These calls are getting out of hand.


Next week guest Joe Rosinik

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