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Today on The H-Train Show: Mic joins the show as a long break and we dive into what hes been up to and what Htrain has been doing and talk about the funraiser and what it is for…Enjoy The rebroadcasting of the Brother Down nonprofit. TidBits- Movie Remakes, Technology we use today WT? Moments: Tidbits […]

Today on The H-Train Show: It was the Father and Son Show. In honor of Fathers day my Father sat in as guest host. We talked about the Country jam coverage and gave hints and teases who we talked to Gloria the VP of MBR joined me to help me. My father talked about what […]

Today on The H-Train Show: We were hosted by Mile High Harley of Aurora and it was a great show where all our listeners came out told us what they wanted to discuss. So tonight was your show. We did talk about how our weekend was before we got hit with the snow that scared […]

Today on the H-train Show with the goose, the hosts are LIVE from Mile High Harley Davidson in Aurora, CO!! They talk about the many fires plaguing practically the whole state of CO, interview a kickass local band, and play a game u wont soon forget!!!! We talk to Scott Lead Guitar for Lowdown find […]

Today on the H-Train Show with the Goose, the hosts talk about some Hate Mail that Goose got over the weekend. Goose’s Gander is back! This week Goose went to the movies and saw a movie that she HIGHLY RECOMMENDS! Also, the hosts interview Karen from Operation Interdependence.  Listen to that Interview HERE! Music selection […]

Today on the H-Train Show with the Goose, the hosts talk about “the laryngitis”, strange places to be buried, and as always they interview an amazing dude doing amazing things. Ben Davis of Now Hiring Heroes INC joins us and talks all about what they do and how they’re doing it! And Goose and HTrain […]

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