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Written by on February 12, 2018

Today on the H-Train Show with the Goose, the hosts talk about “the laryngitis”, strange places to be buried, and as always they interview an amazing dude doing amazing things. Ben Davis of Now Hiring Heroes INC joins us and talks all about what they do and how they’re doing it! And Goose and HTrain remind us all about their big remote broadcast at Harley Davidson for next week’s show! Ben Davis Now Hiring Heros Inc. Listen to that Interview HERE!

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Tribute 2 Troops w/ Danny Ray – John Hetzer

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As always, HTrain and Goose talk about what they learned from Today’s episode and remind us, once again, where to be for next week’s special live show!



Next weeek Feb 19 Harley Davidson remote: Castle Defense 360 Shooter Prevention Education Safety
Mile High Harley Aurora
16565 East 33rdDrive
Aurora Colorado 80011

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