Today on the H-Train Show with the Goose,  the hosts talk about HTrain’s new tattoo and Goose’s refrigerator door is VERY blank. Fantastic discussion about what the appropriate dating age for your young person is and a great interview with Crystal from Cargivers Healing Foundation. Listen to that inteview  HERE! Music selection by Sara and Michael […]

Today on the H-Train Show with Goose we started our VFW tour at Post 4444 the smallest club with the biggest heart. We talk about how the great weather follows us and we talked about how people shouldn’t rely on FB as a friend tracker, We talk to Michael Paul of OT4V what programs they […]

Today on the H-Train Show with the Goose, Goose had a rough weekend. Why can’t people show up to work? The hosts also discuss the recent Facebook Security Breach and other Facebook Horror Stories. And, as always, the hosts have a kick-ass interview with James Pond of the non-profit organization Veteran’s Path. Listen to that […]

Today H-Train starts out the show broadcasting from The Rail head Station Studios. Today i jumped in and talked about the the recent Hurricane disasters our hearts and prayers are with you. We briefly overview on the remote that were doing in Jacksonville ,Florida. We also mentiopn how to listen to our show since the […]

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