The Morning Show- Sarppo joins us

Written by on August 4, 2023

Alright, today on the morning show, I am visiting northern Minnesota with my battle buddy Sarppo we we started the show talking about our fishing trip adifferent opportunities that we us disabledble veterans have that we might not already know ab. It it helps that we talk about these things not just for one veteran but for many veterans because we tend to foall the servicest are out there . Our our interview of the week was not able to ,atend but we found out more and more about our battle Sarppo. Blaze takes about the medical car ok at we’re striving and having a hard time dealing with ,and lately and t hen finally we go to the tribute to. We talk about things ,that we learned . listeners thank you once again Giving our Veterans a Voice  MBR thanks for listening and we’ll see you.ext Friday.

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