Reset W/DSET “Wet My Whistle”

Written by on August 4, 2023

As a retired army veteran, I’ve served my country with honor and dedication, but now, my mission is to serve you with the timeless tunes that defined an era. From the streets of New York to the heart of Motown, I’ve curated a collection of beats and melodies that will transport you to the heyday of real music.

Whether you’re a seasoned fan of old-school vibes or a curious newcomer eager to explore the roots of modern sound, DJ Sag E. Tarius is here to guide you through the beats and melodies that have stood the test of time.

So hit that play button, follow me on social media, and join the community of music enthusiasts who share a passion for the classics. Let’s keep the spirit of old-school music alive and make every moment a dance-worthy celebration!

DJ Sag E. Tarius – Where Old School Lives Forever! 🎵🔥

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