The H-Train Show with Rob Williams- Veterans Go Out Doors

Written by on October 21, 2019

Today on The H-Train Show we are joined by Rob Williams fresh off the hunting trail. He sat in for Zand3r cause he was feeling under the weather today. We thank Rob for his input for todays show it was fun.

TidBits:Beer Company sues other Beer Company over Beer recipes being leaked-Soldier Amputees Foot in order to Save his crew in a training accident- Football coach disarms a school shooter by simply hugging them.

T2T-Elis Barreto Ortiz

WT?Football Coach gets fined due to running up the score on other teams

2 min warning brought to you by Common Ground Golf Course.Htrain learn Today be a resolution so tomorrow your not a Statistic and Rob learned another Great Out doors Prtogram for all Vets

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Next week Kristen Eastman Notable Amputee Fashion Model

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