The H-Train Show- Comedian Michael Garvey(Comedian)Transition Vet Roman Baca-T2T Spc Golby

Written by on July 10, 2017

Today H-Train  starts out the show Broadcasting from The Railhead Station Studios. We open the show up by talking about some announcements. I just bought a Harley Davidson and i share some new things i just learned you may think its funny or dumb but i share my experiences.

We talk to Michael Garvey on why he started this journey and what his goals are aswell. He tells what motivated him in starting out in comedy and why he picked a certain subject and what it does for him. Listen to that Interview HERE!

Sponsored by Trapp Design-Tribute to Troops Spc Golby -Danny Ray reading and

Warrior Transition success sponsored by Bel-Air cases (like Pelican but Better quality)Roman Baca


2 min warning brought to you by Common Ground golf course : I learned today there are many ways to cope with PTSD and if we choose to fight it we just have to figure out how to from either talking to crowds or dealing with 4th Juy fireworks its up to us if you want to use it as a excuse or embrace it and let it win.


Mon July 17 Interview with Hon Michael J. Newman- Federal Bar Association

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