The Evening Show Veterans Rescue Ranch joins us

Written by on July 10, 2023

today on the show, Roddy and I talked about the Marine arrested after a missing 14-year-old was found at the camp. We also talked about the sound of freedom being reported by moviegoers nationwide at AMC about the AC being off or the employees deterring the customers from watching the movie. We don’t have anything exact, but we can tell you that the CEO of AMC  has connections with the Clintons, but as I said, that’s just rumors, gossip, and other news that we talked about today. We talked about the says gymnastic staff, Larry Nassar, a gymnastic stabbed in prison. We talked about that today. We also spoke to Veterans rescue ranch, says Colorado-based nonprofit that teaches veterans how to Ranch and earn their keep on their land, so something for those veterans looking for a purpose and a home. Good example. Contact us if you want to know more about Geoff and Christy on their mission. That said, we wanted to say a special tribute to Fly off a Fire; they lost one of their own today. Our hearts in our prayers go out to you. Also, the music that was played today. The first song was Rich Owen, the second was Shannon Book, and the third was Fly. Have a fire, and as always, Mr. Red, White, and Blue by Coffey Anderson, we know you have a choice of who you listen to on Monday night, and we appreciate you listening to us. You’re listening to the station is giving Veterans a voice you’re listening to

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