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today on the show, Roddy and I talked about the Marine arrested after a missing 14-year-old was found at the camp. We also talked about the sound of freedom being reported by moviegoers nationwide at AMC about the AC being off or the employees deterring the customers from watching the movie. We don’t have anything […]

today we talked about Putin’s mutiny, Roddy‘s rant, Chicago, mom, and 14-year-old son killed a man outside a hotdog station in Chicago, and Our interview of the week with FLAG (foreign links around the globe) and bedlam Betty.     T2T Lobo  His services will be held at Church of Jesus Christ On July […]

  on today’s show, we talked about all the crazy things that are happening around the world, including the Grand Canyon waterfall coming out of the walls, which is a dry element. We also talk about what Juneteenth means, and how it makes Roddy feel during Roddy‘s rant. We also touch base on the LGBTQ […]

Roddy is in the studio, and H is remoting in because he just finished surgery. We discussed what he did this week and what we did for Memorial Day. Then we discussed the new movie out that Netflix decided to take off the market and what is a woman’s very controversial video. We will talk […]

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