The Evening Show- Book author Betsy Ross joins us

Written by on April 24, 2023

Today on the evening show, Volcano is back with us after a work trip that he took recently, and he tells us about his new dog that he just adopted, which is a Husky. Also, Roddy is in the building, giving us some great feedback on Hs tick-tocks TicTac‘s. However, you want to say it. We talked about some of the big stories today. Then we interviewed Betsy Ross, the veteran author of the Military and Army veteran book author the fight says stories that take you back and describe how you feel, and that is her hope that brings more veterans out of their shells. Then the last topic that we talked about tonight is AI. How advanced it’s giving, and should we worry about it once again? Thank you for listening and giving us your time this Monday night.

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