Today on The H-Train Show: Guest Cohost VFW Burthound Commander ,Goose the 2nd, Talked about what we did last week  also talked about what was coming up in the near future with remotes and events and we encouraged others to reach out to female Veterans that are battling PTSD and sexual Trauma… Tribute to Troops: […]

Today on The H-Train Show:We covered for the first time a Remote on Sat we chatted with Ryan Armeesthe new commander for the Burthhound VFW Spc Conde. This fundraiser  is to help them in terms of building a building since there is no VFW in the area. He talks to us about why and why […]

Today on The H-Train Show:  Discussed what we did for the weekend / Mic – Pet Semitary Movie , and parents bringing their little kids/ Joel WWE wrestling – Wrestle Mania. Plan ahead for the next one. Interview: Lady Veteran connect. Great Interview Equine Therapy Tribute to Troops: James Hammer Dropping the Mic – Bullying […]

Today on the H-Train Show with Goose we started our VFW tour at Post 4444 the smallest club with the biggest heart. We talk about how the great weather follows us and we talked about how people shouldn’t rely on FB as a friend tracker, We talk to Michael Paul of OT4V what programs they […]

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