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I’m your host, Joel ‘H-Train’ Hunt. My ski career ended in March of 2014 at the Sochi Russia Winter Paralympics. I was ranked 24th in the world in Giant Slalom. I started skiing in December 2008, becoming the first person with TBI to be selected to the U.S Ski Team. When I returned, my heart was to serve veterans using the platform and publicity I had gained from my Sochi Paralympics experience. So, what did I do? I started doing radio. I now have my own talk show, The H-Train Show. I am a retired combat veteran and also retired from my ski career. At the present time, I advise veterans about all the programs available in addition to those provided by the VA. Currently my show airs on Military Brotherhood Radio (MBR) as my journey continues with my studies at Colorado Media School. My heart is to help other veterans avoid the fights for life I did. Not everyone can enjoy all the success I achieved, but at least I can help make the journey less of a struggle.  I recently interned with 104.3 The Fan where I learned the ins and outs of WordPress, embeds of YouTube, and Sound cloud.  You can click  to see my work. I am also the Assistant Station Manager at Military Brotherhood radio.  I know all about the Tuner and the Streaming process.

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Here is Our Story

When Joel (H-Train) Hunt came back from 2014 Paralympics he came back as a public figure. Even though he has retired from skiing he still does it for fun. Ever since he retired, he has always dedicated his life to help other veterans because he felt like the military everything was a secret, but life shouldn’t be. He called his buddy, Chad Dunson, because he had a 30 sec video series called Beer30. Joel’s idea was to create a podcast. What Joel didn’t know was that this show was going to change lives. So The Beer30 Show was created after having many co-hosts. Each person has added a piece of their selves to the show and it is what has made the show’s success.

The Beer30/H-Train Show Hall of History (Oct 1st 2014-Present)

Chad Dunson-Host of The Beer30 Show (2014-2015)

Jeremiah Belk-Co-host (2015-2016)

Todd Fahn-Co-host (2015-2016)

Claudia Belk-VA Expert (2015-Present)

Daniel Dean-Co-host (2015-2016)

Jeremy Stalhood-Co-host (2015-2016)

Dustin Robey-Co-host (2016)

Brand Jones Producer/Investigator 2015-2016

Joel Hunt 2014 Paralympian/ Host

Michael Bergmen Producer/Investigator/Guest Cohost/photographer (2016-2017)