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Written by on September 11, 2017

Today H-Train starts out the show broadcasting from The Twin Cities, as we remember 9/11. We talk about the awesome things going on at Tee It Up, and hear the inspirational story of their board of directors , Presidentof the board for The Arms Forces Service Center at the MSP airport.Terry Branham.

Listen to that interview HERE!


Sponsored by JunkHouse-Tribute to Troops Curtner read  PVT Daniel Tapp

Warrior Transition success sponsored by Bel-Air cases (like Pelican, but
Better quality).  We talk to bad ass veteran Brittany Ritchie from Higher Recruitment, and learn about another resource for veterans transitioning to civilian life.

2 min warning brought to you by Common Ground
golf course: Today H-Train learn the meaning of always just a step foward.  Curtner learned that it is important to remember that our brothers and sisters in uniform are still trying to take care of each other.


Sept 15 The Story behind our new sponsor Junk House

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