The Morning Show- Wackey Wendsday joins us in studio

Written by on July 14, 2023

So today, and July 14, we talked about Soldier Songs’ voices and their meetings. On Monday, we spoke of the movie Sound of Freedom. We talked about a marine that had a 14-year-old in his Barricks and how that story is still evolving. We talked about the Marine Corps not having a commandant we had I guess collar Brian roof called in and we talked about his podcast and his shows and MBR as a whole replayed some music by Tim Meegan and uncle Barnaby we also had the dog tag diva on and she talked about the work. She is doing in Florida and connecting with nonprofits for veterans. She is working with a boating veteran group among others. We talked about how we are in this for the message, and that was the conclusion of the show.

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