The Morning Show – Living Well Colorado joins us

Written by on June 23, 2023

Alright today on the show Jack and H and granny Lisa are back in studio and the first topic that they like to talk about is the submarine and the science of what happened then we start talking about what coincidences there are evolving around this story so you’ll want to check out with that our nonprofit interview of the week was living well crop Colorado they’re a Colorado based organization check them out they’re doing a lot of things for veterans and for adult disabilities as well on top of that then we had a call in and we discussed some stuff with our call in and then as always we did the tribute to troop and we’ll be back next Friday I believe with bourbon battle buddies and with that being said we know you have a choice in who you listen to every morning and we just wanna thank you for listening and supporting the stations giving our veterans voice you’re listening to MBR thank you everybody

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