The Morning Show – Herostock joins us

Written by on August 11, 2023

So this morning,  on the morning show with Jack Blaze and H. We talked about how a two-star general was relieved of duty relieved of command for complaints of sexism. We spoke of the pact act with a VSO, and we learned when to file when it’s appropriate to point and when it’s not appropriate alright don’t poke the bear if you don’t have to, in other words, don’t poke the bear especially if it’s on cocaine we talked about the special operations commander Lindsey who was retired and died at the age of 90 then Blaze takes we ran down blazes review of cocaine bear which she thought was hilarious and then we spoke to a military Mike again about the Pact Act but also about the VA in general we had Jason Steiner on who is the founder of hero stock and hero stock is a wonderful organization doing great things for veterans TuneIn to see what we’re talking about there and then of course we played some music and we talked about what we learned and we told everybody about the clothing allowance thing everybody has to get that talk turned in by August 1st it’s past that deadline now but that’s OK save that info and turn it in for January 1st so that you have two clothing allowance things coming in at the same time and once again thank you so much for choosing to listen to us in the morning because we know you have a choice and once again you’re attending the station is giving veterans a voice you’re listening to MBR.

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