“Purposely abandoned as a small child, (the world was not yet ready for such a beauty,) and left alone to grow up on a small island in a shallow part of the Mississippi River, Max Wate survived by hunting for and eating river clams, swamp grass and rotten cattails. Since he continued to remain remarkably handsome as he grew, his life as a young man on that small island was quite a lonely one. One day while out of his makeshift grass hut and hunting for rotten cattails and river clams, Max discovered a battery operated, portable AM/FM radio that had mysteriously found its way up on the beach of the island. Thinking that this radio was some type of a stone, Max bashed it against a river clam. The radio then came alive and out of it flowed classic rock, alternative rock and heavy metal music. That day changed Max’s lonely life forever. Max then returned to his hut, packed up his few belongings and walked the 10 yards to shore. (I did say that the island was in a shallow part of the river.) Since that fateful day on the beach many years ago, Max has journeyed all across the planet sharing the divine sounds of rock, heavy metal and alternative rock music with everyone that he encounters, (whether they like it or not!) Max served 10 years in the Navy and is a Desert Storm veteran. (Max’s son currently serves in the Air Force.) Max has also worked for several radio stations throughout his tenured past. On any one of Max’s radio shows you’ll hear just about anything and everything related to rock, metal and alternative music, plus hear a bit of Max’s goofball sense of humor and his silly laugh thrown in for good measure. (As a baby, Max was dropped on his head…in the womb!) You just never know what rock, metal or alternative rock song Max will play next as he may range from Aeon to ZZ Top or from Anthrax to the Zebra. If you have a request make sure to let Max know because if he has the song then he’d love to play it for you. Sit back, relax, rock out and giggle along with Max Wate right here on “Military Broadcast Radio,” every Monday and Friday from 8AM until 10AM Eastern time. You’ll surely be glad that you did.