The HTrain Show Xand3r & Smitty Year End Review-Anything Pawzzable w/ Smitty

Written by on December 30, 2019

Today on The H-Train Show we reflect on the past year and talk about what we’ve learned from the show and in general daily life.  We go over our plans for our New Year segments and some some gripes against Xand3r’s mobile provider.

T2T- SGT. Kort Platenberg was killed on 5 DEC 2019 along with 2 Chief Warrant Officers in a Helicopter crash in Central Minnesota on a test flight.

Anythings Pawzibble- We talk about how what to do if your dog suffers from a dry nose and go over a little bit about jumping.

WT?- Xand3r goes over some complaints he’s been having with T-Mobile.

2 min warning brought Common Ground Golf Course

Next week we have a brand new show with all new segments

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