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Written by on May 9, 2017

Today H-Train  starts out the show Broadcasting from The Hot Box Pizza in Kokomo Indiana. We open the show up by talking about why were doing the H-Train Show tour. The show is fun cause i am joined by former HS friend and radio colleague Jay B. Today we Interview Charles Gray from “Strength and Courage” a group that bikes and encourages other wounded warriors that push each other to be better Warriors.  We talk to him about what inspired him to start this journey and we find out what they do since theirs a lot of costs  out there that are trying to get Warriors to get to that next step in their physical fitness. He tells us how they are shaping these Warriors to mentor others to strengthen the Warrior community.. Listen to that interview HERE!

Jay B. starts out special segment #Tribute 2 Troops as a Birthday Gift to Ceilidh Leggat McWeeny

Sponsored by The Hotbox Pizza “The World as We See It”- We talk about the latest Female Veteran that killed herself after killing her Dog. Was it PTSD or was it just a easier way out of jail. How the world is looking at the division of Society V.S. Animals

2 min warning brought to you by Common Ground golf course : H-Train learned today that before you jump to conclusions maybe you should see where the red flag is being hung not to assume instead look at the whole picture.

Jay B. Learned a lot more about the show learned more about himself on what to work on and once again finds out that its a lot of hard work but its a tough job that you love.

Mon May 15th The Hub Downtown Kokomo Blue Star Moms Renee West Elson

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