The H-Train Show with Goose-Warrior Bone Fire Program-Gooses Gander-T2T Adams

Written by on July 30, 2018

  • Today on the H-Train Show with the Goose, the vault is down!! But Goose and HTrain have that “show must go on” attitude and are flying by the seats of their panteloons! Today we talk about the Warrior Bonfire Program and all that is has to offer. HTrain and the Goose also have an in-depth discussion about their worst dates ever!

SPECIAL music selection from HTrain

Tribute 2 Troops w/ The Goose – Spc Joseph Adams

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golf course:

As always, HTrain and Goose talk about what they learned from Today’s episode and give you a little sneak peak of next week’s episode. and Discussion so you can go to our FB an Vote

Next week Aug 6th Comedian MadCap joins us

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