The H-Train Show with Goose-Lukes Wings-Movie Review-T2T Ryan Harris

Written by on January 29, 2018

Today H-Train starts out the show broadcasting from The Rail head Station Studios.We talk about a couple of things that went on this week. Then, we Talk to Jennifer M. from Lukes Wings  Listen to that Interview HERE!

Music selection by Michael& Sara Johnson


Gooses Gander– All about the OSCAR nominations. Goose went and saw one of the top nominated films of 2017 (yes, that year is correct as the awards go to movies from last year :)) IT. WAS. EPIC!!!! And so is Goose’s review!


Tribute 2 Troops-LCpl Ryan Harris

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golf course:

As always, HTrain and Goose talk about what they learned from Today’s episode.



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