The H-Train Show& sideKick Mike- Colorado legend Uncle Nasty- Gooses Last Show

Written by on March 18, 2019

Today on The H-Train Show with the Goose, it’s Goose’s last show and we wish her well. New Co-Host Mike is in the house and, of course, HTrain is here too. Goose had quite an adventure over the weekend. Will it effect her ability to move?

Goose Interview: Uncle Nasty

Tribute to Troops: Holli Bolinski

Goose’s Gander (Discussion) – Doing the right thing

2 min warning brought to you by Common Ground Golf Course

As always, HTrain and Goose talk about what they learned from today’s episode.

Next week, we interview War Eagle Garage


WW2 Vets adress for Bday cards we spoke of:

Ed Stever

c/o ASOM 100 Brag Blvd Fayetteville, NC 28301


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