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Written by on September 29, 2017

Today H-Train starts out the show broadcasting from The Rail head Station
Studios. We start out the show with some quick annocments debuting our new podcast player our Owner Jim created by the way Its his Bday Happy Birthday Boss!!. Military gear is it really that high of grade? Mbr is coming out of the red we have a little less than 1000 to raise. We also welcome a member to the team Michaela Turner our Marketing and PR Manger. We talk to Ken F. about this new series coming soon to Netflix and he explains how this script has been in the works for a long time he tells us what its about and requests help from the community to help contribute to get this she up and running. And yes they already know its going to be on Netflix it depends on you how long it takes. Listen to that interview HERE!

To Donate PTSD Project

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Warrior Transition success sponsored by Bel-Air cases (like Pelican, but
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golf course:Today i learnbed that this upcoming show is not just about the Military but it sheds the light on how PTSD affects the nonmilitary people for example rape victims. And i know it common knowledge but Stephanie gave a great way to bargain your salarie based on income that we had in the military so that emplyers would see what it takes to survive not just rounding up numbers.

Oct 6 Jacksonville Florida Remote with long time friend and guest cohost Daniel Dean joins us. planning on Jacksonville Landings Hooters  the big Reunion 5 years show running our guest is Team Red White and Blue

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