The H-Train Show-Karl Monger CEO Gallant Few-Tribute2Troops

Written by on March 20, 2017

Today H-Train  starts out the show Broadcasting from The Railhead Station studios. We talk to Karl Monger about his organization that is for Veterans. What exactly its for and what hes doing for today’s Veterans. This interview went longer than usual cause what came out of his mouth was gold. This nonprofit does a bit more than just networking . Listen to his whole Interview HERE!

Jay B. starts out  segment #Tribute2Troops history icon  Florence Blanchfield and today’s Veteran Chuck Yeager.

2 min warning brought to you by Common Ground golf course : H-Train learned today that until you lose someone or a pet you dont really know how much you need them in there life and when it comes to animals Vets are perfect example of practicing medicine

Next week were talking to Wake Foundation

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