The H-Train Show-Dr.Gainok-Ketamine Clinic of CS

Written by on September 28, 2020

interview:An outstanding interview with Dr Jeff Gainok and his lovely Wife, they are the owners of Ketamine Colorado Springs, and they are doing great things for veterans with Ketamine.

What the???- We talked about the New York Times article, in Vietnam a warehouse was found to be recycling condoms….. ewwwww, Do you remember Gold Coin condoms, can you make change……?

The Ugley Truth: We tripped over a few stories of CEO’s of veteran Not for Profits that have been ousted from their positions. Why is that happening. Is it something we need to work on changing?

T2T: We remember SPC 5 James Gabriel, he gave his life to soon. 5th Special Forces group named their airfield in his honor. You will never be forgotten SPC Gabriel.



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