The H-Train Show. Dr. Baer Bear Dental

Written by on December 14, 2020

Interview of the Week- We had an excellent conversation with one of our favorite Dentists ( No…. not herbie) Dr Chris Baer with Baer Dental out of Lone Tree Colorado. He tells us all about his super cool laser that can fix your snoring.

What the?- Our nation and our military is having a serios deficit of leadership, and it was brought to our attention by USAWTF moments. Having soldiers write an essay to their leadership about who they are.

The Ugly Truth- We are taking this month about some of our favorite feel good stories ( send em to us) We heard about a Dairy Queen in Minnesota that had a pay it forward for THREE DAYS!!!!

t2t- We remember SPC Michael Wargo. Made the Ultimate sacrifice for our nation. Our Hearts go out to his family

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