The H-Train Show- Daniel Founder of Grunt Style shirts

Written by on October 5, 2020

Interview: We had a super cool Interview with Dr Baumgartner With Panacea Life Sciences, We learned a lot about what CBD can do for veterans. If you go to their website and use the code VETS you can get 30% off. Go get em,

What the???- A very very rare for us second interview. This never happens. We talked to Daniel Alrick , the founder of Grunt Style Clothing about his recent departure from the company. We wish his family well and hope they come through this shining on the other side.

The Ugly Truth: Robs starting to get frustrated with the things people say to each other on social media . We see a lot of people wishing ill will and death on others through the internet, it’s really not called for.

T2T: This weeks T2T is Major General Clarence Tinker, he helped to establish the Army Air Corps, and gave his life over Midway. We thank you for your family’s sacrifice to our nation.


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