The H-Train Show- Azul-The Union- Tribute to Las Vegas Victims

Written by on October 16, 2017

Today H-Train starts out the show broadcasting from The Rail head Station Studios. Instead of a rerun we decided to do a Special Edition since our Guest Debuts their first concert this Thurs in Colorado Springs were super excited for them and its the least we can do since Azul has done so muchg for our Military Men and Women in Arms… We talk to Azul about the upcoming performance. We discuss about her journey and what their goals are and we ask her to paint a picture of The song were debuting find out what she said. Listen to that Interview HERE!

Music selection by Michael& Sara Johnson

The Union Todays music Breaks
Sweet Dreams are made
This is a War (Babylon)
Internal War

Sponsored by Platinum Cutts #2 Thomas Simms AKA Master Barber reads the Victims that died over Oct 1 2017 of the Las Vegas Massacre our hearts and prayers go out to you and your family’s.

2 min warning brought to you by Common Ground
golf course: Today one of the songs i hear all the time from this band i found out today it was focused on the mental war that many Americans face today.

Thurs Oct 19th is the Remote for Tee It Up for The Troops Fundraising Tournament at common Ground Golf Course

Thurs Oct 19th is The concert for The Union Debut in  Colorado Springs, Colorado to buy tickets or more info  The Union Band WEBSITE

Nov 4 is fundraiser for Gloria Hope 4PM-12PM 18881 E Colfax Ave Aurora Colorado 80011

The H-Train Show Season 5 Starts back up Jan 8th Guest and location TBD in the works

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