The Evening Show May 1 -Space Force -Keith

Written by on May 1, 2023

On today’s show, the volcano is in the Hells along with H we’re talking about the top three stories of the day then we have to the what does segment, where we talk about a lot of messed up things that are going on right now on the Internet, including the $70,000 criminal that FBI and the Texas police are offering so be on the lookout for Francisco piece of crap or however, you pronounce his last name also, we have space for us. Please talk to us about the guidelines of how everything is different compared to the other branches, and then Vadler and Betty will join us to answer some neat Veteran questions that you may or may not have known about and then when we do the tribute to the troops in the final thoughts, you can listen to this show on the podcast and once again thanks for listening

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