Set list for this week’s show:

U2 “All I Want is You”
Tesla “Love Song”
Van Halen “Feels So Good”
Cheap Trick “Stop This Game”
Supertramp “Cannonball”
Greg Khin Band “Breakup Song”
Lenny Kravitz “Let Love Rule”
The Blues Brothers “Sweet Home Chicago”
Rossington Collins Band “Don’t Misunderstand Me”
Eddy Money “Shakin'”
ELO “Hold On Tight”
Genesis “No Reply at All”
Van Halen “Finish What You Started”
The Replacements “Alex Chilton”
Ratt “Round and Round”
Pat Benetar “Heartbreaker”
Aerosmith “Dude Looks Like a Lady”
Scorpions “Rock You Like a Hurricane”
Simple Minds “Sanctify Yourself”
Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians “What Am I”
Glenn Fry “Smuggler’s Blues”
The Who “Another Tricky Day”
Queen “One Vision”
The Rolling Stones “Undercover of the Night”

I also have some summer concert information