Welcome to the ultimate music experience! ✨ “Must Be The Music” is here to sweep you off your feet on “Reset With DSET!” Get ready to be captivated by the beats, so join the party and let’s make this musical journey unforgettable! #music #oldschool #throwback #djsagetarius #resetwdset More Posts for Show: Reset W/ D-Set

“Let’s Go All The Way” is about to ignite the airwaves on “Reset With DSET!” It’s gonna be an electrifying musical adventure, so don’t miss out! Tune in, and let’s crank up the excitement together! #LetsGoAllTheWay #oldschool #music #radio #djsagetarius #throwbacks More Posts for Show: Reset W/ D-Set

What up, y’all? It’s your boy DJ Sag E. Tarius, and you’re listening to Reset With DSET, where we play all the best old-school hip hop and R&B from the ’80s and ’90s. So whether you’re feeling nostalgic for the good old days or just want to listen to some great music, you’re in the […]

I’m DJ Sag E. Tarius and my show is “Reset W/DSET” – igniting your love for the 80s and 90s, one beat at a time. #djsagetarius #resetwdset #oldschool #music #listen So check me out on social media http://linktr.ee/DJSagETarius

Reset W/DSET FunkFest23 Putting Funk back on the menu for you to enjoy your journey back down memory lane

Reset W/DSET “RollerCoaster” #djsagetarius, #resetwdset, #music, #oldschool

Reset With DSET “Magic Man”, just another sample of what reset with DSET is all about, just that old school music that takes you back to those good times and good memories for that one hour while listening to my show. #djsagetarius, #resetwdset, #oldschool,

Reset W/DSET Part II Boogie Wonderland Memorial Day 2023 with DJ Sag E. Tarius

Reset W/DSET Some 80s linktr.ee/DJSagETarius

Reset W/DSET “Act Like U Know” As we face the challenges of the world, and the struggle to make ends meet, I offer you this moment to RESET your mind with music and its memories.  Taking you back to those moments when imagination was reality and peace of mind was essential to everyday life.  Let’s […]

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