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Reset W/DSET Thanks for tuning in and listening on The Military Broadcast Radio, we’re giving Veterans a voice.  I really appreciate everyone listening and supporting MBR as well as my show “Reset With DSET”. More Posts for Show: Reset W/ D-Set

Have you ever loved what you’re doing?  I know I love playing music for you.  Please join me and Reset With DSET, that moment you get to sit back and say “AHH, I remember that song, and it brings back memories”.  Be sure to tune in to The Military Broadcast Radio, where we are giving […]

Reset W/DSET Hey, it’s Friday and time to Reset with DSET, and all I want to do is supply you with music that takes you back to the “Good Times” and your mind off the present.  Pull out a seat, kick up your feet and jam with me for this hour.  Thanks for tuning in […]

Today is MLK (Martin Luther King, Jr.) Day and I am honored to be on the air and dedicate my show to Dr. King.  I hope you enjoy my contribution of music for your listening pleasure.  This day is in appreciation for all Dr. King has done for American Citizens and freedom for all. More […]

It’s Friday, time to Reset With DSET.  Let me take you back to the “good times” with music for memories that we can relate to.  Just an escape for a few minutes to help get away from the craziness we go through.  Thanks for allowing me to be your listening pleasure on Military Broadcast Radio. […]

January 10, 2022

Thanks for tuning in, it is not Veterans Day, but I wanted to take a moment and recognize two Veterans that are no longer with us, Lawrence Brooks, 112-year-old WW2 vet, just recently passed and Dan Bullock, who joined the Marines when he was 14 yeas old, Vietnam Vet.  I am honored to play songs […]

RESET WITH DSET Hey, it’s Friday and the HEAT is on, thanks for tuning in to the Military Broadcast Radio and giving me the chance to be your entertainment.  I served my country, now I am serving you with nothing but the BEST!! As a veteran, I want to take you back to the music […]

Monday Mixup Thanks for tuning in, I served my country now I am serving you with nothing but the best. Today is Monday Mixup and I play everything from Salsa to Soul, if you got a request, let me know, I am here for your listening pleasure, trying to reach out to all veterans with […]

I want to take the time out and wish everyone a Happy New Year! 2021 was rough and 2022 has to be better.  It’s time to move dust ourselves off and move forward with a NEW LIFE. I wanna get you warmed up for the parties tonight.  Be safe, Keep The Faith, and Don’t Let […]

It’s Monday, and the New Year is approaching.  Please continue to support Military Broadcast Radio and I will continue to give you my best service as part of the MBR team. More Posts for Show: Reset W/ D-Set

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