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Today on The H-Train Show we talk about The H-train’s New York trip. T2T- Today we honor the great Audie Murphy, Medal of Honor Recipient, actor and all around legend! What The ? We go over an insane shoot that happened in Houston that injured 6 people. 2 min warning brought to you by Common […]

Today on The H-Train Show we reflect on the past year and talk about what we’ve learned from the show and in general daily life.  We go over our plans for our New Year segments and some some gripes against Xand3r’s mobile provider. T2T- SGT. Kort Platenberg was killed on 5 DEC 2019 along with […]

Today on The H-Train Show we talk about what we did for Thanksgiving, why we’re still so tired after eating so much Turkey and do a Live Review of Black Friday fights. T2T- Navy Veteran Boaz Dotch, 33 of Mobile Alabama died in a car accident on Oct. 27th when his car went off the […]

Today on The H-Train Show we introduce a new possible co-host Sweet Chocolate!  We talk a little bit about Sweet Chocolates background and what we’re doing for the upcoming holidays. Movie Review: Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood.  We go over what the H-Train thought of the screening and how we feel Tom Hanks portrayed Mr. […]

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