The H-Train Show-Music Artist Mike P Ryan joins us

Interview of the week- We had an excellent conversation with Mike P Ryan about his musical career after his Army time, Check out the warrior music foundation. They are doing great things. What the?- Aliens….. Aliens are among us. But they are not among Roddy, cause he doesn’t believe. (htrain): Play in new window…

The Swissher Show ep 16

  This week on the Swissher Show, It’s the second day of the NFL league year and the NFL has signed a new TV deal. Swiss lets us know his true feelings on Drew Lock. And we review the big singings around the NFL. (the-swissher-show): Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS

Moonlight Spotlight- Man Is Beast

  Moonlight Spotlight continues with Former EMT(Experimental Mind Therapy) band Member Tyler with his new collaboration  called “Man Is Beast” with “In Nominae” a Hybrid of Heavy Techno mixed with Heavy Metal Undertones. Its a must listen and don’t forget to follow this amazing artist on all platforms! On Deck is Fire From the Gods,…