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  Today’s show We interviewed-THE one and only, GOOSE! What The?- Circus Oddities featuring The Original “Saimese Twin” Chang and Ang. The Ugly Truth- Cancer VS Covid. Are they similar. The numbers might surprise you! Our Tribute to the Troops- Robert Hillman No winners of this week for the ” Hiccups and Pickups” Next week […]

  Today’s show We interviewed- CDF Steve Justice from the Freedom Fest set to take place July 11, 2020 in Castle Rock What The?- Continuing the Freak/Sideshow Living Oddities _ featuring Anne Jones( the bearded lady) The Ugly Truth_ PTSD and personal firework displays. How are we handling it this year and are they getting […]

Today on The H-Train Show with the Goose, it’s Goose’s last show and we wish her well. New Co-Host Mike is in the house and, of course, HTrain is here too. Goose had quite an adventure over the weekend. Will it effect her ability to move? Goose Interview: Uncle Nasty Tribute to Troops: Holli Bolinski […]

Today on The H-Train Show with the Goose, Goose has a “YUGE” announcement that will rock the very foundation of the HTrain Show. Goose Interview: Children of the Fallen Soldier Fund Tribute to Troops: Martin Cantor Goose’s Gander (Discussion) – Bullies: Were you the bully or the bullied? 2 min warning brought to you by […]

Today on The HTrain Show with the Goose, the hosts talk about their weekends! Goose met her new nephew and HTrain got some GOOD NEWS!!! Gooses Gander (Discussion) -Social Media, is it good or bad? Internet is it a need or Luxery it got heated Tribute 2 Troops – Hilton “Bear” Bryant Interview of the […]

Today on The HTrain Show with the Goose, we get an update on Goose’s apartment. Has the roof caved in yet? Also, it snowed here in CO and HTrain is upset because now he can’t ride his Harley. Gooses Gander (Discussion) – What problems will future generations face? Tribute 2 Troops – Joshua Beale Interview […]

Today on The HTrain Show with the Goose, the hosts talk about what they did with their free time this week and later in the show they talk about all the interesting headlines they saw throughout the week. We’ve named this segment “Tid Bits”. Music selection by Sara and Michael Johnson Gooses Gander (Discussion) – […]

  Music selection by Michael & Sara Johnson Gooses Gander (Discussion) – HTrain Show is still doing what it set out to do, but with fun new improvements! We’ll let you know the new low-down. Tribute 2 Troops – Former President (Lieutenant, Junior Grade) George H.W. Bush Nonprofit of the week-– Us! Goose interviews HTrain! He’s […]

Today on the H-Train Show with The Goose,  it’s the last episode of the season and the hosts feel like reminiscing! We look back 9 months to the very beginning of Goose’s co-host ship. So much so that Goose is our Interview of the week! Listen to that interview HERE! H-Train even has a special […]

Today on the HTrain Show with The Goose, the hosts talk about how their weekends went and how awesome this season has gone. HTrain and The Goose also have a fantastic discussion about the ridiculous cost of a modern-day wedding. Some bride even wanted her guests to pay 1500 dollars for going to her wedding! […]

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